Monday, February 15, 2010

I came across a very interesting web site today, This site brings a trendy idea to a major company. There combination of hand drawn design and viewer interaction is somewhat unexpected from this company. I do enjoy the style of design but I don't really see the connection. The design reminds me that of the intro to Juno. I understand that this hand made style is "in" but this does not seem the appropriate application.

On the other hand, the interactive aspect of the design is tremendous. It is done very smooth and it is very inviting. I feel they could have taken this same idea and went a different route. I can picture the crushing of an old worn out street unveils colorful well-illustrated solutions. I will say good work Adidas design team, but just not the way I would have executed it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Look at all the colors

In Web 2 I am assigned to redesign Ms. Ling's web site ( This site is full of bells, whistles, lights, cartoons, and basically anything that can possibly distract you from the actual intent of leasing a car. One would have to assume that this is not the best for business. I find it very difficult to take this serious, not to mention trust this lady with my money.

As a designer asked to redo this site, I must determine what the viewer needs, along with keeping the interest of my client (Ms. Ling). There is a lot that needs done with this site. All of the distractions need to be eliminated. There will be no more blinking or random colors appearing throughout the site. Also, I must make good use of the negative space, therefore, the viewer will be able to breathe. On the other hand, Ms. Ling has a sense of humor. I will need to address that since she would be the one signing my paycheck.

My solution to will include a clean well-executed design that has easy to use navigation. I will explore ways to keep Ms. Ling's cheesy sense of humor, but not with bright flashing lights, but maybe in a more subtle way. I will find a way to express her in a clean design.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Clear Solution

For all of you contact wearers out there you may have noticed the most recent updete of Bausch and Lomb's "ReNu." . I was reading some reviews posted on and I was not the only one impressed. There were people posting that they were going to change their present solution, to ReNu. Sounds like a success to me.

The most obvious change to the design is their bottle. The transparent bottle tends to make the solution more refreshing. I feel being able to see the clean liquid is a major improvement over the everyday opaque white bottle.

The change of the ReNu logo is also very appealing. The break in the name looks appealing especially the way the they emphasized the justified left alignment. Clean, Clear, and Simple.