Wednesday, May 5, 2010


What kind of graphic design blog would this be if I did not include a post about poster art. Let's talk about Art Chantry. The man is an artistic genius that lived the life I believe ever graphic designer wants. He has made a name for himself designing in the underground band seen of his time. He has experienced the corporate world and found that it was something he wanted no part of. Chantry went back to his underground design and does not look back.

Art Chantry has been doing photo-manipulation before the name Photoshop was even thought of. He has hand done band posters, giving them the unique beautiful look they deserve. He takes his work very serious, but makes sure that he has his attitude within. He likes dirty humor and it truly shows in his work. I went to a lecture that was given by him and I was so inspired that I immediately went home to my studio and cranked out six posters that night. He is just a man that speaks of his work so passionately, but yet makes it so much fun.

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