Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dreamweaver TUTS

Dreamweaver Tips
Tips on tables, forms, CSS Styles, behaviors more.
Dreamweaver Behaviors
Use the Dreamweaver behaviors panel to add interactivity to your site.
Jump Menus
Use jump menus to create a drop-down menu with links.
What are layers? Learn how to create them.
Dreamweaver Web Photo Album
Learn how to create a picture gallery in Dreamweaver.
Using Templates in Dreamweaver
Learn how to create a template in Dreamweaver.
Making your site Live!
Learn how to upload your files to a remote server and make your site live.
Flash Text Rollover
How to insert flash text rollover in Dreamweaver?
CSS Text Rollovers
Learn how to create CSS text rollovers.
Anchors and Mailto
What are anchors? How to create mailto links? Click here.
Define a Site in Dreamweaver
How to create a site in Dreamweaver
Pop-Up Windows
Learn how to create small pop-up windows for ads or news!
Play Sound
Play sound, music on Rollover, on Click or on Page Load.
Show Hide Layers
Learn how to hide and view layers.
Dreamweaver Image Maps
Learn how to link to different pages from the same image.
Server Side Includes
Learn about server side includes and how do you use them.
Dreamweaver Form Tips
Tips on customizing input boxes, list menus, submit buttons.
CSS Styles Tutorial
Learn about CSS Styles and cool tips on tricks!
Links without the Underline
Learn how to create links without an underline using CSS styles.

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